Early career pharmacists on the fast track as unique 2021 Residency opportunities open

Leading early career pharmacists participating in Australia’s first hospital pharmacy residency program have the chance to showcase their research, reviews and case reports once more, through the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia’s (SHPA’s) Residency Supplement feature and the 2021 Resident of the Year competition, both now open for submissions.

The special focus on SHPA Foundation Residents’ perspectives will feature in the Summer 2021–22 issue of SHPA’s quarterly member journal Pharmacy GRIT, with submissions closing Sunday 3 October 2021. The national 2021 Resident of the Year competition will follow, with the winner to be announced at Medicines Management 2021, the 46th SHPA National Conference (MM2021) in Adelaide on 24–26 February 2022.

Dr Jacinta Johnson, Vice President of SHPA and Chair, SHPA Residency Advisory Group says that at a time of rapidly evolving clinical challenges, hospital pharmacists can supercharge their early development through the unique SHPA program.

‘SHPA’s Foundation Residencies have been proven to be a powerful driver for early career hospital pharmacy success and satisfaction, with evidence showing that mapping pharmacists’ professional journeys along a structured learning pathway can increase both their capability and capacity to contribute to patient care.’

‘This is further reiterated by feedback from Foundation Residency participants that demonstrates that both residents and senior pharmacy staff believe that participation in the program accelerates professional development along the key domains of practice, and most importantly, results in enhanced patient care.’

Dr Johnson says the Pharmacy GRIT Residency Supplement provides an exceptional opportunity for early career pharmacists to fast track their experience in the important world of academic publication.

‘With 2021 Resident of the Year heats scheduled for October, the Pharmacy GRIT supplement provides the perfect entry point and we encourage Foundation Residents to enter both to showcase their growth and work.’

SHPA Foundation Residents are invited to submit their articles (word limit: 1,500 words) following the submission guidelines to GRIT@shpa.org.au by COB Sunday 3 October.

Foundation Residents who are in their second year of their Residency, or who completed their Foundation Residency between August 2020 and July 2021, are invited to enter the 2021 Resident of the Year competition by COB Sunday 3 October.

Launched in 2017, SHPA’s two-year Foundation Residencies are the first stage of Australia’s first accredited national pharmacy residency program, which offers participants invaluable opportunities to develop their clinical knowledge and skillsets through exposure to a broad range of hospital-based activities, including research, education and committee involvement.

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