‘Embrace pharmacy’s pillars’: Dr Lisa Pont awarded 2018 SHPA Medal of Merit

Dr Lisa Pont has been awarded the prestigious SHPA Medal or Merit at Medicines Management 2018, honouring her passion and commitment to the development of hospital pharmacy.

Announcing the award at the 44th SHPA National Conference in Brisbane on Saturday, then-SHPA President Professor Michael Dooley acknowledged Dr Pont’s extensive contribution to pharmacy research and role in supporting, mentoring and inspiring pharmacy, nursing and medical staff.

‘As a recipient of 14 major research grants and with a PhD in clinical pharmacology, Dr Pont holds a wealth of research knowledge and capability that she’s shared through numerous past and present professional positions including her role as founder and Chair of Medicines Use Research Australia, and as a former member of the TGA’s Advisory Committee on Non-prescription Medicines.

‘Dr Pont has been instrumental in the design, delivery and expansion of educational programs within SHPA for our clinical practitioners. She has been a mentor for many and has continued to link hospital practice and research, which continues to guide the future vision of Australian translational pharmacy research.’

In her accepting oration Dr Pont, who is Associate Professor in Pharmacy at the Graduate School of Health, University of Technology Sydney, encouraged delegates to embrace the four ‘pillars’ of hospital pharmacy.

‘Education, mentoring and advocacy are essential foundations, and I’m proud of SHPA members’ long history leading on these fronts. The fourth pillar of research is my true passion, both in the development of evidence-based practice and in the undertaking of practice-based evidence.

‘I believe the key is to balance research that looks toward evidence to guide clinical practice, while looking back at clinical practice to guide research – they sit hand-in-hand.’

Dr Pont also highlighted the positive power of teamwork and paid tribute to her colleagues.

‘I have had the privilege to work with and learn from the most amazing pharmacists throughout my career. From my days as a junior shop girl in community pharmacy to the incredible teams at my hospital homes in Gosford, Launceston and now Westmead, to the amazing educators and researchers who took time to share their knowledge, thoughts and guidance throughout my career.

‘I stand among the giants of pharmacy and I am so grateful to you all for the blood, sweat and tears we have shared.’

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