Global report a powerful endorsement of Australian pharmacy innovation

Accepting the global report at 77th FIP World Congress from Professor Ian Bates, Director of FIP Education (second from left): Professor Michael Dooley, SHPA President (left), Kristin Michaels, SHPA Chief Executive (second from right) and Associate Professor Ian Coombes, SHPA Vice-President (right).


Australia has held its head up high at the annual International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, with national pharmacy initiatives being recognised across 10 out of 13 Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals (PWDGs).

Outlined as part of the landmark Nanjing roadmap last year – which set future milestones for global pharmacy workforce development through education – the 13 international PWDGs are the primary measurement of 21 countries’ capacity and ability to implement FIP’s vision of a global pharmacy workforce that can meet tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels – who attended the report’s release today in Seoul, South Korea at a special session of the 77th FIP Congress, one of the world’s largest annual pharmacy gatherings – says the inclusion of Australian examples across 10 PWDGs is a powerful endorsement of SHPA’s role in driving pharmacy workforce change.

‘This international analysis of national-level research, development and evaluation strategies for pharmaceutical workforces is significant, as it is the first report produced since the Nanjing roadmap.’

Professor Ian Bates, Director of FIP Education commended Australia's performance.

‘This is a remarkable achievement and I applaud SHPA for its efforts for taking a lead in the continued development of these Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals. 

‘The clear alignment with the FIP roadmap and WHO health workforce imperatives is welcome and demonstrates strong leadership for this critical health workforce, ensuring Australia has the capability and adaptability to remain responsive to complex medicines management demands and evolving technology.’

Five Australia-first SHPA initiatives were highlighted in the global report of international standard-setting including:

Also highlighted were collaborative efforts toward establishing a sustainable Advanced Practice framework in Australia, and advocating for government investment in modelling and pharmacist workforce planning.

Ms Michaels says the report – Research, development and evaluation strategies for pharmaceutical education and the workforce: 2017 – highlights the need for greater understanding of how to evaluate the impact of pharmacy workforces.

‘It was positive to see the FIP acknowledge this impact is largely missing from research literature.

‘On behalf of our members, who are committed to evidence-based practice, SHPA plans to respond to this gap through accumulation of workforce development and impact research through the Pharmacy Impact Initiative, currently in development.’

The 77th FIP Congress concludes on Thursday.