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The National Translational Research Collaborative (NTRC) is a virtual hub connecting Australia’s brightest clinical pharmacy researchers and organisations to build research capacity and hospital partnerships, strengthen research proposals and impact and leverage funding opportunities.

Under the oversight of its Executive Committee, NTRC will guide the future vision of translational pharmacy research, while expert members appointed to advisory committees will foster the preparation, upscaling and funding of today’s most promising proposals.

NTRC Executive Committee
  • Chair and Supporting SHPA Councillor: Dr Lisa Pont (NSW)
  • Convenor, Research Grants Committee (RGC): Associate Professor Michael Barras (Qld)
  • Editor in Chief of the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research (JPPR): Associate Professor Chris Alderman (SA)
  • Past member of RDGAC: Dr Manya Angley (SA)
  • Early career pharmacist: Brock Delfante (WA)
  • Convenor, Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC): Greg Roberts (SA)
  • Convenor, Capability and capacity working group: Professor Jeff Hughes (WA) 
  • Research academic: Professor Andrew McLachlan (NSW)
  • Practitioner researcher: Dr Luke Grzeskowiak (SA)
  • Community pharmacist: Ms Karalyn Huxhagen (Qld) 
  • Non-pharmacist health researcher (Clinical pharmacologist and general physician): Professor Jennifer Martin (NSW)
  • Non-pharmacist health researcher (Registered nurse and nursing researcher): Associate Professor Karen-leigh Edward (Vic)
  • Non-pharmacist community member (Consumer Advocate/Manager): Ms Anne McKenzie (WA)

Project manager: Andrew Matthews

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Building research capacity and hospital partnerships

More than ever, impactful translational research cannot be achieved within the four walls of a hospital. 

By maintaining an online community portal, NTRC will drive conversations between like-minded researchers – both upcoming and established – facilitate the support of mentors and support the development of research skills in individuals and research capacity in organisations.

The online community portal is also a one-stop shop for broadening research horizons, connecting leading pharmacy research centres to upscale research projects, generating more data and ensuring stronger research findings.

In addition, the Capability and Capacity Working Group (CCWG; view members below and Terms of Reference) convened by Professor Jeff Hughes will support the research development of NTRC members, monitoring and responding to their needs and support required to overcome barriers to research.

Apply to join NTRC as an individual, or as an organisation (pharmacy department, health service or other research-focused organisation).

Join the research discussion via the NTRC Discussion Forum. Login via the SHPA's eCPD platform on Moodle. 

NTRC Capability and Capacity Working Group (CCWG)
  • Convenor: Professor Jeff Hughes (WA)
  • Early career pharmacist: Yazmin Brown (nee Crossingham)  (NSW)
  • Community practitioner: Paul Tait (SA)
  • Practitioner researchers: Dr Luke Grzeskowiak (SA); Dr Andy Hale (Qld); Michelle Rothwell (Qld)
  • Member experienced in learning and development (e.g. in facilitating research): Susan Poole (Vic)


Strengthening research proposals and patient impact

Expert guidance can sharpen a great idea into a brilliant research proposal. 

Comprising academics, researchers and practicing pharmacists, the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC; view members below and Terms of Reference) convened by Professor Greg Roberts, will deliberate on proposals submitted to NTRC and provide feedback and guidance to improve promising research projects.

Research proposals endorsed by NTRC’s SAC will be in a stronger position to secure funding, attract collaborators and result in greater translational impact and better outcomes for patients.

NTRC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)
  • Convenor: Greg Roberts (SA) 
  • Research academic: Dr Jonathan Penm (NSW)
  • Practitioner researchers: Dr Ivanka Hendrix (SA); Marliese Alexander (Vic)

One non-pharmacist health researcher and one non-pharmacist community member to be appointed

Leveraging funding opportunities

Discoveries need dollars, and the establishment of NTRC opens new doors for funding innovative clinical pharmacy research projects.

In conjunction with the SAC, the Research Grants Committee (RGC; view members below and Terms of Reference), convened by Associate Professor Michael Barras, will gather and simplify useful funding information, while identifying and connecting proposals to suitable grant and award opportunities across government and pharmaceutical sectors.



NTRC Research Grants Committee
  • Convenor: Associate Professor Michael Barras (Qld)
  • Member with experience in review of grant submissions (e.g. past RDGAC member): Dr Manya Angley (SA)
  • Practitioner researcher: Kelvin Robertson (Qld)
  • Academic pharmacist: Associate Professor Neil Cottrell (Qld) 
  • Member with additional research skills (e.g. ethics, biostatistics, epidemiology): Dr Elaine Lum (Singapore)  
  • Early career pharmacist: Brock Delfante (WA) 
  • Non-pharmacist researcher (e.g. clinical pharmacologist, biomedical sciences researcher): Dr Peter Donovan (Qld) 

One non-pharmacist community member to be appointed.


Grants currently available:

2017 Pfizer Young Pharmacist Grant – Applications now closed. 

More on grants and funding opportunities, applications and conditions.