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Each year SHPA's National Translational Research Collaborative (NTRC) offers members the opportunity to expand their research capabilities and expertise through a series of grants aimed at sharpening great ideas into brilliant research proposals that will take impactful translational pharmacy research beyond the four walls of any single hospital, pharmacy department or health service. 

Find out more about how NTRC's virtual hub is connecting Australia’s brightest clinical pharmacy researchers and organisations.

2018 grants
Guidelines, resources & succesful grants
Previous grants
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2018 grants 

Guidelines, resources & successful grants

Grant recipients must prepare a report in a format suitable for inclusion in an SHPA journal or publication. By publishing reports, all SHPA members are able to gain from the research or experience of grant recipients and use this knowledge to implement changes in their own workplace. Publication in a journal other than an SHPA journal or publication may be approved by the Research Grants Committee. Reports not published in an SHPA publication are included below.

Applying for a grant

All grant applications are made online via a dedicated SHPA SmartyGrant Portal

All research grants follow a two-step process:

  • An initial Expression of Interest incorporating a literature review and identification of the research gap
  • If shortlisted, applicants will be asked to submit a full research proposal from which the winning applicant is chosen. 

Example documents

Additional resources

Guidelines for writing reports

Professional Development Activities
Guidelines are available to assist recipients who are reporting on a conference and for those reporting on a study tour. Grant recipients are advised to follow these guidelines when writing their reports.

Research Projects
Reports of research projects must adhere to the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research (JPPR)’s author instructions pertaining to covering letter, title page, manuscript preparation, references, tables and figures. These instructions are available on the JPPR Author Instructions page. Complying with these instructions will ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in approving the report.

Submitting your report
  • Please ensure your submission complies with the instructions pertaining to covering letter, title page, manuscript preparation, references, tables and figures in the Information for Authors, and all instructions in the Reference Citation Guide .
  • Please note that once a manuscript has been accepted by an SHPA publication, authors will be required to assign copyright to that publication.
  • Original signatures of the authors are required. With multiple authors, signatures may be submitted on separate forms.
  • Published articles may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission from the publisher. Authorisation to copy items for internal or personal use is granted by SHPA for users registered with the Copyright Clearance Center Transactional Reporting Service or Copyright Australia Limited.
  • Submit your report to John Hand, Publications Administrator, to be considered for inclusion in an SHPA publication.
  • It is imperative that you submit a copy of your final report to to ensure you receive your final grant payment.
Example grant reports

Hospira Young Pharmacist Award 2015
From turning ships to hoisting sails: An international preceptorship with Chief Pharmacists in Stockholm and London
Angela Young, Central Australia Health Service, NT

Fresenius Kabi Cancer Services Grant 2015
FK Grant Supports Visit to Peter Mac 
Ian M McPherson, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Qld

Fresenius Kabi Cancer Services Grant 2010
Oncology pharmacy: unravelling the complexities 
Anna Shi, Toowoomba Hospital, Qld

Pfizer Pharmacy Grant 2015
Pfizer Pharmacy Grant to attend the 2015 Australian Clinical Trials Alliance Symposium 
Kelvin Robertson, The Townsville Hospital, Qld

Auditmaker Clinical Audit Grant 2011
Pharmacist-led implementation of a vancomycin guideline across medical and surgical units: impact on clinical behaviour and therapeutic drug monitoring outcomes 
Cameron Phillips, Flinders Medical Centre, SA

Previous grants

Since the launch of the NTRC in April 2017, $80,000 of available grant funds has been awarded. 

2017 Pfizer Young Pharmacist Grant

  • Diana Sandulache, Senior Education Pharmacist at Alfred Health won for her preceptorship proposal. Diana will observe US residency programs in practice, and learn strategies to develop structural pharmacy training programs and identify methods for incorporating advanced and different residencies into acute care programs.
  • SHPA Pain Management Leadership Committee member, Benita Suckling, was awarded a $3,000 for her Opioid Stewardship Preceptorship proposal. Benita will travel around Australia to observe and collaborate with leading pharmacists working in the field of pain management and opioid stewardship.

2017 NTRC Research Capability Development Grants 

The following NTRC members won grants to develop their research skills through focused training at the SHPA NTRC Research Bootcamp, a one-day pre-conference event at SHPA’s Medicines Management 2017 Conference in Sydney.

  • Ms Chin-Yen Yeo, Clinical Pharmacist and SHPA Resident, Blacktown Hospital.
  • Mrs Laura Johnstone, Pharmacist, Lady Cilento Children's Hospital
  • Ms Carly Wills, Medication Safety/Renal Pharmacist, Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Miss Hong Lor, Clinical Pharmacist, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA Pharmacy
  • Mrs Marianne Jovanovic, General Medicine Clinical Pharmacist - Team Leader, Monash Health
  • Mr Galahad Gu, Senior Operating Theatre and Peri-Operative Medicines Pharmacist, Eastern Health 
Galahad Gu, Laura Johnstone, Marianne Jovanovic, Chin-Yen Yeo, Hong Lor, Carly Wills and RGC Convenor, Associate Professor Michael Barras at the SHPA Research Bootcamp 2017

Gilead Pharmacy Advancing Clinical Excellence (PACE) research grant

Awarding $40,000 (incl. GST) to support translational research in the areas of cancer pharmacy and/or infectious diseases pharmacy.

Celgene Collaborative Care in Cancer research grant

Awarding $20,000 to support an inter-disciplinary, inter-departmental or multi-site research methodology




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