COVID-19 quick guides

The following sets of Quick Guides have been developed to help practitioners navigate newly authorised provisions relating to the emergency supply of medicines, and the supply of of PBS medicines off digital image prescriptions:

The material contained in these Quick Guides is for information purposes and acts as a guide only. SHPA does not guarantee the information is correct or complete. Practitioners acting within the guidance and changed regulatory parameters should only do so after consultation with their hospital management, medical and pharmacy departments.

These Quick Guides are updated regularly – please ensure you refer to the most recent version of this advice. 

Emergency Supply of Medicines

At this point in time, while NSW and ACT have enabled emergency supply measures, they apply only to the community pharmacy setting, and not to public hospitals. Private hospitals in NSW are able to supply to under these arrangements, but not private hospitals in the ACT. (Last updated in March/April 2020.)

Digital Image Prescriptions

SHPA is developing Quick Guides for digital image prescriptions for each state jurisdiction where they apply to hospital pharmacists in public hospitals. These will discuss how hospital pharmacists can utilise these new regulations for outpatient medicine supply to reduce their risk and hospital attendance. (Last updated in April 2020.)