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2018 Site Accreditation - now open 

After an exceptional inaugural year, a new round of hospital pharmacy accreditation for the SHPA Residency Program is now open.
Accreditation is a quality assurance process that ensures sites have the commitment, capacity and capability to deliver SHPA’s Australia-first hospital residency program, and are equipped to offer a broad range of practice based experiences to residents.
Accredited sites gain access to a suite of competency, assessment, evaluation and learning tools and resources which makes providing a standardised program simpler.  


Submit your application through our user friendly online portal and prepare by reviewing the SHPA Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Residency Programs and example application questions. 
Applications close Wednesday 1 November 2017.


MIMS - SHPA Resident of the Year Award
Residency Program
Accredited Programs
Standards, resources and tools
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MIMS - SHPA Resident of the Year Award

The MIMS - SHPA Resident of the Year Award is annually bestowed on a resident undertaking SHPA’s Residency Program who has demonstrated excellence in practice and professional improvement. 

MIMS and SHPA have a long-established working relationship with a common goal to make the best sources of medicines information available to hospital pharmacists and health practitioners. 

MIMS is once again supporting the profession in recognising excellence in pharmacy practice. The Award includes:

  • SHPA MM2017 registration, travel and accommadation to receive their award. 
  • Up to $2,000 towards the recipient's professional development e.g. conference attendance/post-graduate study. 
  • Award certificate

Nominations for the 2017 award are open until Monday 23 October 2017.

To find out more about the SHPA Residency Program or about the MIMS - SHPA Resident of the Year Award contact:
Andrew Matthews, General Manager, Workforce Transformation:
Sachin Ramnani, Special Projects Officer, Workforce Transformation:

Residency Programs

SHPA’s Residency Program, implemented in 2017, is the first and only structured, formalised, supported and accredited national pharmacy residency program in Australia.

This two-year professional development program:

  • provides practice based experiential training  
  • is targeted at early career pharmacists, or pharmacists entering hospital pharmacy practice after working in other pharmacy practice environments
  • offers a diverse program curriculum ensuring residents gain the skills and knowledge to achieve a cohort of competent general level pharmacists.
  • is an important step that leads to other professional development pathways, such as advanced practice recognition.

SHPA residency supports pharmacist practitioner development towards competence and performance aligned with Stage 1 (Transition Level) of the Australian Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework. 

The importance of foundation training infrastructures is emphasised in Goal 2 of the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s (FIP) ‘Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals’.

Accredited Programs

Over 30 residency programs are provisionally accredited by SHPA. A list of sites is available here.

Programs currently holding provisional accreditation will be subject to a site visit by SHPA surveyors by mid-2018 in expectation of achieving full accreditation.

SHPA’s media release announcing accreditation outcomes on 2 November is available here.

SHPA’s media release announcing accreditation outcomes on 1 December is available here.

SHPA's media release announcing the SHPA Residency Symposium on 29 August 2017 is available here

SHPA's media release announcing the opening of 2018 Residency Program site accreditation applications is available here.   

Standards, resources and tools 

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Frequently asked questions

Residency Project: Andrew Matthews, General Manager, Workforce Transformation 
E: T: 0408 650 153

Residency Program Project Steering Committee

•    Supporting SHPA Councillor and Chair: Peter Fowler (Tas.) 
•    Two members of the SHPA Education Reference Group: Dan Guidone (Vic.); Cathy Martin (NSW)
•    Director/chief pharmacist of a hospital pharmacy department: Dr Ian Coombes (Qld)
•    Pharmacist with experience in training, education, preceptorship and/or professional development: Cameron Phillips (UK*)
•    Resident (early career pharmacist): Natalie Maher (SA)
•    Pharmacist with expertise in ambulatory clinical services: Dr Chris Freeman (Qld)
•    Non-pharmacist health professional (Clinical Pharmacologist and General Physician): Prof Arduino Mangoni (SA)    

* Currently undertaking a 12-month fellowship as a visiting researcher in the UK

Project manager: Andrew Matthews

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