shpaclinCAT is the SHPA clinical Competency Assessment Tool; a competency framework designed to support the professional development of Australian pharmacists.

A competency framework is a collection of competencies that are considered to be essential to effective performance. Competency frameworks can be used to support a range of different things. Typically, they are used to help with:

  • training and development
  • recruitment
  • performance review

Competency frameworks like shpaclinCAT benefit individual pharmacists, pharmacy departments, consumers and the profession by raising the standards and consistency of pharmacy practice, providing a quality assurance for pharmacy practice, identifying inadequacies in systems and processes, identifying professional development needs of pharmacists, and more.

The shpaclinCAT assessment tool includes a collection of activities defined by national standards of clinical pharmacy practice that may be expected of a pharmacist practising at the general level.

SHPA convenes shpaclinCAT seminars to train pharmacists as shpaclinCAT evaluators.  As an evaluator you are equipped to perform shpaclinCAT assessments.

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