Specialty Practice

Specialty Practice

SHPA is excited to launch a new model for Specialty Practice which will include 26 Specialty Practice Streams.

Each stream comprises an Interest Group, a Practice Group, and a Leadership Committee.

These streams will support the growth of individual members as they enhance their expertise in a specialty and will develop and support SHPA activities including Standards of Practice, education and advocacy.

Members can now apply to join Practice Groups and nominate for election to Leadership Committees. 

Once you have joined a Specialty Practice Stream, you will have access to resources, CPD, research, advocacy and policy and a discussion forum in your area(s) of interest, through the Specialty Practice portal, and tailored web content through your member portal.

You can also view useful documents here.

Please send enquiries about Specialty Practice to specialtypractice@shpa.org.au.

Interest Groups 

These are the entry level for Specialty Practice Streams and are for any member working in a specialty or a related area, and those who are just interested. You will be able to join multiple Interest Groups. All members can join Interest Groups - including students, interns and technicians.

Belonging to an Interest Group will give you targeted access to information about events, education, resources and networking to support the development of your expertise in the specialty.

You will have access to an online community of SHPA members with a common interest through the discussion forums in each Interest Group. You can share your expertise and support the growth of fellow members, or get support for your growth and development in the specialty.

You need to belong to an Interest Group to be eligible to apply to join the Practice Group and to vote for the Leadership Committee in that Specialty Practice Stream.

Members can select which interest groups they would like to join HERE.

Practice Groups

Practice Groups are a step up from Interest Groups in SHPA Specialty Practice Streams. Practice Groups are communities for SHPA members with existing or developing expertise in a specialty who want to develop and share their expertise and lead pharmacy practice in the specialty.

Members of Practice Groups are eligible to be nominated for election to the stream's Leadership Committee, which will drive the activities of the Specialty Practice Stream.

SHPA members other than student and intern members are eligible to apply to join Practice Groups.

Why join a Practice Group?

  • the growth of your expertise in the specialty will be supported
  • you will have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, build networks and guide early career pharmacists
  • share your expertise through contributions to
    • SHPA Standards of Practice
    • SHPA publications
    • SHPA CPD
    • SHPA policy and submissions
    • Expert Practice Framework
    • and more
  • you will be eligible to be nominated for election to the Leadership Committee of the Specialty Practice Stream.

By being part of a Practice Group you are committing to contribute to the activities of the Specialty Practice Stream, including regular engagement with the discussion forum. For this reason SHPA recommends that you do not apply to join more than FIVE practice groups to ensure that your engagement with each Practice Group is manageable.

How to join a Practice Group?

Complete this webform in which you will nominate the Practice Group(s) you would like to join and upload information about your experience in the specialty e.g. a brief CV.  You will also be able to nominate for election to Leaderhsip Committees at the same time. Before you submit your application, please ensure you have renewed your membership if it expired on 30 June 2017. 

Leadership Committee

Members of Practice Groups who would like deeper involvement in the specialty practice through a leadership role may be elected to the Leadership Committee; a dynamic group of members driving the activities of each stream. Under the leadership of the Chair and with support from the SHPA Secretariat, the Leadership Committee will drive SHPA activities that support pharmacy practice in the specialty, members of the Interest Group and Practice Group and SHPA as a whole. 

Members can nominate for election to the Leadership Committee at the same time as they apply to join the Practice Group using this webform.

Nominations for election to the inaugural Specialty Practice Leadership Committees close 5.00 pm AEST Friday 11 August 2017. 


Interest Group enrolment opens - June 2017

Practice Group applications open - 19 July 2017

Nomination period for Leadership Committee Election - 19 July - 11 August 2017

Leadership Committee elections - 1-10 September 2017

Chairs of Leadership Committees elected at first Committee meeting - September-October 2017

Specialty Practice Streams

Clinical trials
Compounding services
Critical care
Dispensing and distribution
Education and educational visiting
Electronic medication management
Emergency medicine
General medicine
Geriatric medicine
Infectious diseases
Leadership and management
Medication safety
Medicines information
Mental health
Oncology and haematology
Paediatrics and neonatology
Pain management
Palliative care
Primary care and transitions of care
Rural and remote practice
Surgery and perioperative medicine
Women’s and newborn health

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