Specialty Practice

Specialty Practice supports members to enhance their expertise and advance their careers at every stage. 

With access to a nationwide network of professionals and peer learning opportunities across 24 Specialty Practice streams, and a wide range of resources including CPD, research, advocacy and policy, as well as discussion forums, Specialty Practice helps members:

  • Improve patient care and clinical decisions
  • Develop pharmacy services, protocols and procedures
  • Educate and train staff
  • Identify drug use trends
  • Apply new research to practice
  • And much more!

Lead and influence your field by assisting with the development of Standards of Practice, education offerings and through advocacy, while fulfilling your CPD requirements and accruing Group 1, 2 and 3 CPD points.


Find out more about Specialty Practice, one year into its revitalisation, in our evaluation report: 'A new approach to Specialty Practice'.


Interest Groups

Practice Groups

Leadership Committees

Specialty Practice Streams

Useful Resources

Interest Groups 

Start your Specialty Practice journey by sharing your expertise, developing your knowledge, and supporting the growth of fellow members. 


Key benefits and information
  • Open to all members: students, interns, technicians, those working in or interested in a specialty
  • Ability to join multiple streams
  • Targeted information about events and education opportunities
  • Networking to support expertise development
  • Resources including online discussion forums
  • Eligbility to vote for Leadership Committees

Start your journey by joining Interest Groups!  

Practice Groups

Develop and share your expertise and show your commitment to leading specialty pharmacy practice by joining up to five stream Practice Groups.


Key benefits and information
  • Contribute to publications, CPD, policy and submissions, and more
  • Network to support expertise development and guide early-career pharmacists
  • Resources including online discussion forums
  • Ability to join up to 5 streams
  • Eligibility to nominate for election to Leadership Committees

Apply now and upload information about your specialty experience.  

Leadership Committees

Join a dynamic group of members with deeper involvement and expertise in their specialty and drive activities for the benefit of all members


Key benefits and information
  • Inform policy and education initiatives
  • Advocate for change at a senior level
  • Influence pharmacy practice through SHPA Standards of Practice
  • Contribute to publications and other key resources
  • Receive recognition as a leader in your specialty
  • Network with other experts, influencers and key stakeholders
  • Resources including online discussion forums
  • Support from Practice Groups and SHPA Secretariat
  • Only Practice Group members can nominated to be elected to Leadership Committees


Leadership Committees were elected in October 2017 and are listed below by stream. A full list of Chairs is available here

Leadership Committee members

Garth Birdsey (Chair)
Cia Connell
Joanne Gross
Adam Hort
Joanna Pizzi
Catherine Zhang

Clinical Trials

Peter Slobodian (Chair)
June Challen
Michael Ching
Eugenia Hong
Jasminka Nikolajevic-Sarunac
Brenda Shum
Claire Vosk

Compounding Services

Priti Prasad (Chair)
Melvyn Davis
Shalini Kassam
Branko Radojkovic
Monica Sajogo
Ellisha Vas
Mazdak Zamani 

Critical Care

Karlee Johnston (Chair)
Melissa Ankravs
Belinda Badman
Lynn Choo
Marisol Cincunegui
Michele Cree
Jason Roberts

Dispensing and Distribution

Patrick Lam (Chair)
Jade Carter
Ashley Crawford
Christopher Giles
Chien Lin Kho
Anna Wood

Education and Educational Visiting

Sally Marotti (Chair)
Ian Coombes
Jacinta Johnson
Cathy Martin
Karen Macolino
Lisa Pulver

Electronic Medication Management

James Grant (Chair)
Leonie Abbott
Rosemary Burke
Maryanne Molenaar
Daniel O'Brien
Erica Tong
Joanne Wilson

Emergency Medicine

Susan Welch (Chair)
Elizabeth Currey
Elizabeth Doran
Andrew Harding
Cristina Roman
Simone Taylor
Alicia Thomas

General Medicine

Erica Tong (Chair)
Jennifer Collins
Paul Firman
Marianne Jovanovic
Alex Madden
Suzanne Olding
James Polmear

Geriatric Medicine

Rohan Elliott (Chair)
Ho Yin Chan
Gauri Godbole
Ivanka Hendrix
Lisa Pont
Dana Sfetcopoulos
John Woodward

Infectious Diseases

Kelly Cairns (Chair)
Minyon Avent
Evette Buono
David Kong
Matt Rawlins
Jason Roberts
Sean Unwin

Leadership and Management

Sharon Goldsworthy (Chair)
Bhavini Patel
Russell Hill
Karen Macolino
Helen Dowling
Geoffrey Grima
Lorah Hickman

Medication Safety

Toni Howell (Chair)
Wendy Ewing
Kerry Fitzsimons
Chris Giles
Linda Graudins
Bonnie Tai
Penny Thornton

Medicines Information

Elizabeth Anderson (Chair)
Sally Brooks
Catherine Leggett
Jeanie Misko
Felicity Prior
Leone Snowden
Helen Trenerry

Mental Health

Alice Gilbert (Chair)
Timothy Chen
Yvette Haselden
Rowena Jones
Anna Kulman
Judy Longworth
Julia McKay


Michelle Nalder (Chair)
Ronald Castelino
Matthew Cervelli
Danielle Ironside
Ceridwen Jones
Jess Lloyd
Carla Scuderi

Oncology and Haematology

John Coutsouvelis (Chair)
Julie Adams
Shaun O'Connor
Michael Powell
Gail Rowan
Jim Siderov
Hayley Vasileff

Paediatrics and Neonatology

Sonya Stacey (Chair)
Leith Lilley
Michael Petrovski
Natalie Tasker
Sean Turner
Heidi Wong
Rachael Worthington

Pain Management

Daniel Lim (Chair)
Anthony Hall
Margaret Jordan
Benita Suckling
Penelope Tuffin
Kristin  Tynan
Namita Warrior

Palliative Care

Penelope Tuffin (Chair)
Lorna Chess-Williams
Pascale Dettwiller
Margaret  Griffiths
Anthony Hall
Maria Poulier
Josephine To

Primary Care and Transitions of Care

Deirdre Criddle (Chair)
Manya Angley
Joy Gailer
Carly Pauw
Timothy Perry
Horst Thiele
John Woodward

Rural and Remote

Michelle Rothwell (Chair)
Nicole O'Shea
Bhavini Patel
Jennifer Pink
Selina Taylor
Susan Trevillian
Angela Young

Surgery and Perioperative Medicine

Thuy Bui (Chair)
Tori Forrester
Galahad Gu
Courtney Hill
Janelle Penno
Julie Taylor
Jason Waddell

Women's and Newborn Health

Luke Grzeskowiak (Chair)
Stephanie Hoy
Tamara Lebedevs
Kate Luttrell
Treasure McGuire
Kate O'Hara
Karen Whitfield


Specialty Practice streams

CardiologyClinical trials
Compounding servicesCritical care
Dispensing and distributionEducation and educational visiting
Electronic medication managementEmergency medicine
General medicineGeriatric medicine
Infectious diseasesLeadership and management
Medication safetyMedicines information
Mental healthNephrology
NeurologyOncology and haematology
Paediatrics and neonatologyPain management
Palliative carePrimary care and transitions of care
RespiratoryRural and remote practice
Surgery and perioperative medicineWomen’s and newborn health


Useful resources


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