Standards of Practice

SHPA's Standard of Practice series is widely utilised and well-referenced by pharmacists and health professionals seeking guidance on the delivery of clinical and operational hospital pharmacy services. The series draws on the collective expertise of members across all areas of practice, and is based on consensus from Specialty Practice Leadership Committees

SHPA is currently undertaking a comprehensive review and expansion of the series with enhancements relevant to current practice. Members will have the opportunity to provide feedback on draft Standards via a consultation process. Finalised Standards will be published in the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research and below. For more information about Standards email Courtney Munro, Lead Pharmacist - Specialty Practice.  

Standards of Practice

All Standards reference and rely upon the SHPA Standards of Practice for Clinical Pharmacy Services as the foremost Standard. 

Emergency Medicine Current Standard under review

Pain Management → New Standard under development 

Oncology and Haematology → Review commencing April 2018

Critical Care → New Standard commencing May 2018

General Medicine → New Standard commencing June 2018

Geriatric Medicine → New Standard commencing July 2018

Nephrology → New Standard commencing July 2018

Paediatrics and Neonatology → New Standard commencing July 2018

Clinical Trials → Review commencing July 2018

Dispensing and Distribution → Review commencing August 2018

Compounding Services → Review of current Standard commencing September 2018

Cardiology  → New Standard commencing October 2018

Surgery and Perioperative Medicine → New Standard commencing November 2018

Palliative Care → Review commencing February 2019

Mental Health → Review of current Standard commencing February 2019

Medication Safety → Review of current Standard commencing February 2019

Infectious Diseases → New Standard commencing February 2019

Primary Care and Transitions of Care → New Standard commencing March 2019

Women's and Newborn Health → New Standard commencing March 2019

Medicines Information → Review of current Standard commencing April 2019

For other resources and supporting documentation visit SHPA eCPD.


The Standards of Practice series largely reflects the cognitive nature of clinical services provided by pharmacists, with each Specialty Practice stream having one Standard. Multiple guidelines may relate to a Standard and can be used as stand-alone documents. Finalised guidelines will be available below.

Medication Safety → Medicines Use Evalution Guideline commencing April 2018  

Oncology and Haematology, and Compounding Services → Handling and Transport of Cytotoxics Guideline commencing September 2018

Geriatric Medicine → Self-Administration of Medications in Hospitals and Residential Care Facilities Guideline commencing November 2018


Quick Guides

  • SHPA Clinical Pharmacy Quick Guide e-book including:
    - Assessment of current medication management
    - Clinical review, therapeutic druc monitoring (TDM) and adverse drug reactions (ADR)
    - Documenting clinical activities
    - Facilitating the continuity of medication management on transition between care settings
    - Medication Reconciliation
    - Prioritising day-to-day workload