Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Philosophy
Strategic Plan Operational
Statement of Priorities 2017-2018

Strategic Plan Philosophy

Our Vision

Excellence in Medicines Management

Our Purpose

Deliver value through people, systems and processes for the best patient outcomes

Our Values

  • Progressive: We are progressive, innovative advocates for clinical excellence and quality medicines management
  • Passionate: We are passionate, open and transparent, and build relationships based on respect, both within our team and with our stakeholders
  • Patient-centred: We are patient-centred; driven by a commitment to evidence-based practice to achieve best patient outcomes

Member Statement

We exist to promote and protect the well-being of all members. To achieve this objective we will actively increase understanding by governments and the wider community of the range, complexity and value of the work of our members. We will keep our members informed of the advocacy and representation undertaken on their behalf. 

We will monitor the dynamics of the marketplace and we will design and implement skills development programs, training and peer support to protect and enhance the careers of our members. Where appropriate, we will form partnerships with other organisations and we will create opportunities for our members to design and implement our programs and projects.

To guarantee the ongoing value of SHPA to members, we will develop effective, transparent business processes that support better management of the Society and enhance the quality of our work.  We will create value propositions to support a continual growth in membership.

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Strategic Plan Operational

Inspire, Enable, Influence

1. Health Workforce

Represent and develop the workforce that delivers medicines management excellence
Inspire: Medicines management professionals
We will grow and support medicines management professionals to continuously improve and expand their skills

Enable: Expansion of local services
We will support service and workforce development to meet the needs of the changing workforce

Influence: Key Stakeholders
We will empower the workforce through the creation and pursuit of the highest clinical and professional standards

2. Consumers & Patients

Champion Clinical Excellence
Inspire: Engagement in Governance
We will engage and empower consumers in medicines management governance and clinical excellence

Enable: Consumer medicines management champions areas of greatest need and high risk
We will grow and support consumer medicines management champions to improve patient outcomes in areas of greatest need

Influence: Partnerships
We will partner with consumer organisations for the design and delivery of key strategies to improve medicines management and patient outcomes

3. Policy

Influence development and application of policy and standards
Inspire: Evidence base
We will build and promote an evidence base for excellence in medicines management to improve patient outcomes

Enable: Standards and Guidelines
We will lead the establishment and application of Standards & Guidelines for contemporary practice

Influence: Participation & Leadership
We will facilitate leadership in medicines management through the supported participation of our members in policy making

4. Services

Deliver services that add value to healthcare systems
Inspire: Our own services
We will create, brand and own the services provided to our market

Enable: Income and organisational strength
We will diversify our income to maximise value for members

Influence: New opportunities and audiences
We will govern and manage to the highest standards and report transparently to members and the wider community

5. Society

Do what we do well

Inspire: Respond to changing needs
We will respond to the needs of our members, the profession and the community

Enable: Resourcing and prioritisation
We will actively seek new opportunities and audiences for our skills, services and expertise

Influence: Governance and culture
We will prioritise member value and enhance resourcing for member benefit

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Statement of Priorities 2017-2018

SHPA’s Statement of Priorities showcases our key objectives for the 2017-2018 period.

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